Our strong Research department provides market intelligence, market information as well as supply and demand based commodity analysis to our clients. At EAVCL Research, we make all efforts to empower our customers to take well informed decisions and minimise risks of their trade, depending on the commodities they are dealing in. Particularly for traders and whole sellers, commodities can pose a risk-ridden proposition since several unpredictable events such as erratic weather patterns, natural calamities, epidemics, man-made disasters or global developments may impact their business. Our wide range of commodity research reports enables traders and wholesalers to understand equipped the likely impacts of these events on prices of commodities as well as the best strategies to adopt.


Well-timed access to information


Our team of highly qualified and experienced research professionals publish daily, weekly, monthly and often also seasonal reports and crop surveys that provide all information about the market and discusses related price risks or commodity risks.


Latest news and fundamental data


Detailed commentary not only on market movements but also fundamental and technical analysis on commodities, outlook for short, medium and long term, that allows market participants to take well informed decisions on appropriate instruments to hedge and formulate respective entry or exit strategies.


Trusted, dependable 24x7 support


Our research team ensures that advice is available and accessible for our customers whether in the form of telephonic advice or periodic conference calls to discuss questions. Sound advice is always at hand.


Types of reports: