Collaterals are offered by borrowers for availing credit facilities from Banks and Financial Institutions. Collateral can be in the form of movable or immovable assets, bonds and securities etc. A collateral manager manages the assets pledged (collaterals) with the Bank/FI and maintains custody, quality and security of the collaterals. ECSL acts a Collateral Manager for several Banks and Financial Institutions and manages the collaterals, mainly commodities as stored in the warehouses, of large lenders across PAN India. As a collateral manager, ECSL aims to manage storage facilities adhering to operational standards for minimizing losses and risks.

Role of ECSL as a Collateral Manager

  • Quality maintenance as per the test certificate issued at the time of deposit, for the period of validity
  • Quantity upkeep (except natural losses/gains)
  • Safety and security of the commodities under custody
  • Ensuring adequate insurance cover for the commodities stored.