The food supply chain with its complex nature and multilevel handling is always prone to infestation and other commodity health issues. Proficient commodity pest management system is thus essential for food safety. Commodity health and quality assurance is one of the biggest challenges facing the rural distribution network system in the assessment of quality of produce for farmers, consumers and other intermediaries.

Considering the significance of protection and maintenance of commodity quality, ECSL has established comprehensive infrastructure, with in-house dedicated teams providing varied pest management solutions. Our Commodity Health Management function is led by a team of qualified professionals with significant domain knowledge and experience. ECSL’s Commodity Health Function has got 25 fumigation accreditations/licenses spread across 13 Indian states and a few more are underway. In addition to domestic fumigation, the function is fully equipped to handle cater to quarantine / Phyto-sanitary treatment requirements using Methyl Bromide and Al. Phosphide for EXIM consignments. We also offer customised solutions for pest management in warehouse structures and commodities stock. 



ECSL’s Audit & Surveillance team with extensive domain knowledge and vast experience in warehouse operations, scientific storage practices and warehouse management, provides inventory assessment and audit services offering complete guidance and support on risk management practices aligned to each line of business. By periodic and surprise/random audit check by our in-house audit experts ensure risk mitigation. The processes and audit methods put in place provide practices of clients, offering risk mitigation solutions that provide the much needed comfort to all stakeholders including Banks and Financial Institutions. Our periodical inventory assessment and data control processes conducted in an independent manner, add credibility and continuous improvements in the standard of scientific warehouse management and preservation of commodities. The frequent audits and checks constantly evaluate compliance level for both operational and risk perspective and add to proactive vigilance. Regular surveillance and monitoring is performed to ensure security, quality standards and risk mitigation practices through site surveys and weight tests to conform quantity and condition of stored inventory.




Quality Assaying and Certification is an important aspect of the commodity handling process that ensures appropriate assessment of quality, verification of commodity and certification. Such certification along with the responsibility to maintain the quality of the stock adds value to the lenders who are better equipped to review/assess their lending decision from time to time. Additionally, this service also assists in fair price determination of the commodity by aligning the trade prices to the quality of the stock (premium/discounts). Considering the important role this activity has in the commodity ecosystem, ECSL has strong in-house capabilities driven by dedicated, qualified professionals and technical staff. Our flagship laboratory is located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) which is the benchmarking body and GAFTA - an international benchmark for quality testing of agri-commodities. The quality certification team at ECSL comprises of qualified professionals and technical staff driven br dedication.


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